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Surviving Disaster

> Surviving Disaster on BBC One at 2006-02-28 21:00:00
The Sinking of the Estonia: In September 1994, the Estonia passenger ferry, once a symbol of independence for the Estonian people, sank in heavy Baltic seas and 800 people died.

> Surviving Disaster on BBC One at 2006-02-21 21:00:00
Iran Hostage Rescue: Reconstruction of the disastrous attempt to release 66 US hostages in Iran in 1980. The failure signalled the end of Jimmy Carter's presidency.

> Surviving Disaster on BBC One at 2006-02-14 21:00:00
The Fastnet Yacht Race: The story of the 1979 Fastnet yacht race, which began in fine weather, but became a terrifying ordeal for the men and women sailing in it.

> Surviving Disaster on BBC One at 2006-02-07 21:00:00
San Francisco Earthquake: Drama documentary retelling the events surrounding the 1989 earthquake which hit the San Francisco bay area.

> Surviving Disaster on BBC One at 2006-01-24 21:00:00
Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster: Drama documentary about the 1986 explosion at a Soviet nuclear plant which released four hundred times as much radiation as the Hiroshima bomb. Disturbing scenes.

> Surviving Disaster on BBC One at 2006-01-17 21:00:00
Eruption at Mount St Helens: Drama documentary retelling the story of the 1980 eruption of Mount St Helens in Washington State from the perspective of scientists and locals.

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