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Program Details - Meet the Immigrants 2008-08-01 08:15:00

This program is on BBC One

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The BBC Synopsis of this program:

2/6. The story of legal and illegal immigrants to the UK. Jamal hopes to cross illegally into the UK from Calais; and two Iraqi Kurds in Bristol apply for leave to remain in the UK. 2/6. The story of legal and illegal immigrants to the UK.

There are 60 ferries crossing between Calais and Dover every day, carrying around 5,000 trucks. But freight is not always their only cargo. Everyday refugees arrive in Northern France from Africa and the Middle East hoping to cross illegally into the UK. When Jamal's makeshift camp in the woods near Calais gets burnt down, he moves to Paris, where he meets fellow Afghani Wahid.

Sardar is an Iraqi Kurd living in Bristol, who came into the country hidden in a lorry six years ago. Now he has a job and wants to build a new life with his girlfriend Petrina. He's applied for leave to remain here, but will he get it? Fellow Iraqi Kurd Armin works as a courier. He also smuggled himself in a lorry from Calais five years ago but unlike Sardar, he hasn't been granted leave to remain. [S]



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