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BBC Backstage

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About this web site

This web site was started as a project to enter into the BBC Backstage TV Listings competition.

It is made of three separate component. These are:

SMS System

The SMS system is probably overly complex. It consists of the following:

Every 5 minutes a script runs and checks the messages that are waiting to be send and also the messages received by the phone. Any messages awaiting sending are immediately sent.

Incoming messages are checked for any keywords that would result in a response. For example it checks for the string MYTV. If it receives this command it then takes the mobile phone number and attempts to retrieve that persons next few programs in their personalised TV guide. This is unfortunately limited to 160 characters due to SMS limits, so it is rather limited.

The software operating this is:

Phone System

The phone system is based around the excellent Asterisk Voice over IP Phone system. This allows you to create enterprise level phone systems with standard PC servers.

To allow connection to the phone network I am using to SIP providers. These are and SIP is one of the VOIP protocols available and these compaines operate SIP gateways to the phone network.

This is just a prototype web site. Any comments, please contact Adam Leach at

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