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Program Details - Wild About Animals 2009-06-17 09:00:00

This program is on CBBC

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The BBC Synopsis of this program:

Monkeys: Documentary following Larry, a Hanuman Langur living in the ancient city of Jodhpur. He is eight months old, lively, independent and always on the look out for fun. Monkeys

Larry is a Hanuman Langur, a type of monkey named after the Hindu monkey god, Hanuman. He is eight months old, lively, independent and always on the lookout for fun. He lives in the centre of the ancient city of Jodhpur - the Blue City - at the edge of the Great Indian Desert, which is also home to more than 800 thousand people. The langur monkeys live on the roofs of houses, amongst the tangle of power lines and aerials. The monkey troop is centred on females: mothers and babies, aunts and grannies. Typically, they will stay in this close-knit family their whole lives, but one day Larry will be forced to leave. Larry's dad is the Lord of the Blue City, the only adult male in the troop and the father of all its youngsters. Larry has to learn to dodge traffic, to avoid electrocution and to steal food in the fruit market (monkey heaven). But there is another threat to the troop. Outside the city there is a tough bachelor gang of males. Their leader, a seasoned warrior called Scarface, wants to take over the Blue City. Can Larry's father survive his challenge? [S]



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