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Program Details - Wild About Animals 2009-06-12 12:55:00

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The BBC Synopsis of this program:

Elephant Seals: Elvis is a Northern Elephant Seal, born on a beach off the west coast of the USA. The Elephant Seals' main enemy is the Great White Shark which lurks just offshore. Elephant Seals

Elvis is a Californian 'beach-bum' - a northern elephant seal born on a beach off the West Coast of the USA at San Miguel Island. He is only a few days old. His number one enemy is the great white shark which lurks just offshore waiting for unsuspecting seals; but the biggest threats to his life in these early days are being washed out to sea during winter storms and being crushed as his two-tonne father, 'The Beachmaster', gallumphs through the seal colony chasing away rivals. Only half of the pups born this year will survive until their first birthday. Elephant seals make the longest migrations, longer and deeper than any other mammal, searching for their favourite prey - squid - in the dark ocean depths. The deepest dives are an astonishing kilometre-and-a-half straight down!

After only a month, his mother deserts him and Elvis has to learn to fend for himself. One day soon, he will run the gauntlet of the biggest predatory fish on earth. Will he escape the jaws of the three-metre-long great white shark? [S]



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