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Program Details - The Life and Death of Peter Sellers Sellers 2009-08-24 22:05:00

This program is on BBC One

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The BBC Synopsis of this program:

Film about Peter Sellers' rise from radio star to one of the world's top comic actors. Contains some strong language. [2004] ...Sellers

Award-winning film documenting Peter Sellers' turbulent rise from popular BBC radio performer to one of the world's most gifted comedic actors. Peter was raised by a domineering mother and a meek father, and at an early age discovered he liked to hide behind the emotional curtain of playing a character. In time, Sellers put this skill to use as an actor, and discovered that he had a great gift for comedy, but increasingly realised he had no self... Contains some strong language. [Stephen Hopkins, 2004] [S]



Here is the Genre information as provided by BBC:

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