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Program Details - Return from the River Kwai 2007-03-03 23:45:00

This program is on BBC One

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The BBC Synopsis of this program:

An American pilot joins British guerrilas to rescue POWs from a Japanese camp. Shot down near the River Kwai bridge in Thailand, the fighter pilot is discovered by tribesmen working with a British commando who has uncovered news of a Japanese plan to ship POWs back to Japan. With time running out, the men band together to scupper the transport ship and free the captured soldiers. [1989]

Commander Hunt ........ Nick Tate
Seaman Miller ........ Timothy Bottoms
Lt. Tanaka ........ George Takei
Major Benford ........ Edward Fox
Officer Clancy ........ Alexander Blaise
Commander Davidson ........ Michael Dante



Here is the Genre information as provided by BBC:

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