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Program Details - Malcolm in the Middle 2008-12-06 12:00:00

This program is on BBC Two

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The BBC Synopsis of this program:

6/22. Hal's Christmas Gift: Chaotic family sitcom. The family is broke and make presents for Christmas. The boys make incredible gifts, so Hal resorts to fraud to get something special. 6/22. Hal's Christmas Gift

Following a fit of rage in which Lois wrecks the family car, Lois and Hal are strapped for cash for Christmas and resort to declaring that this year all gifts will have to be handmade, not bought. But after receiving beautifully crafted presents from the boys, Hal feels humiliated and loses the courage to present what he has made. Instead, he goes out on a limb spinning a bigger and bigger lie about a nonexistent mystery present he has in store... [S]



Here is the Genre information as provided by BBC:

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