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Program Details - Love Soup 2008-07-30 18:30:00

This program is on BBC One

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The BBC Synopsis of this program:

Lobotomy Bay: A dinner party at Douglas's ex-girlfriend's turns into a nightmare; there's shock in store for Fae on her blind date; and what's in the box from Milly's stalker? Adult humour. Lobotomy Bay

Alice seems to be comfortably bedding in now with out-of-work writer Douglas McVitie, but is she emotionally ready for the two of them to share an answer-machine message?

The meal with Douglas's former girl friend Kendra seems to go without a hitch. Now a successful cartoonist and animator, she reveals she is currently putting together a new TV series called Lobotomy Bay, a satirical dissection of the general dysfunctionals of 21st century Britain. Even more promisingly, the couple come away with an invitation to a dinner party at the grand South London home of Kendra and her media-mogul husband Elliot Anderson, and the word is that Elliot is keen to throw a profitable new writing assignment Douglas's way.

But disappointments, despair and horror are, as ever, just around the corner.

As Alice's dream dinner party turns into a nightmare there is an ever bigger shock in store for Alice's young friend Fae Madison, braving her first-ever blind date.

And what of the creepy one-eyed giant who now seems to be stalking Alice's colleague Milly? What is in the strange large box he presents to her in the store? And even more disturbingly, what is he carrying inside that briefcase? Contains adult humour. [AD,S]

Alice Chenery ...... Tamsin Greig
Milly Russell ...... Montserrat Lombard
Elliot Anderson ...... Bill Bailey
Fae Madison ...... Amelia Curtis
Douglas McVitie ...... Mark Heap
Trisha ...... Lucy Speed
Wolf ...... Simon Day
Peter ...... Jonny Freeman
Elaine ...... Thaila Zucchi
Kendra ...... Niky Wardley



Here is the Genre information as provided by BBC:

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