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Program Details - Inheritance 2008-02-17 01:55:00

This program is on BBC Two

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The BBC Synopsis of this program:

Christoffer's content with his life in Stockholm. Then he inherits a large Danish steelworks and his life starts on a perilous downward spiral. In foreign languages with English subtitles. [2003] Christoffer, the heir to a large Danish steelworks company, has left the family business. He now owns a restaurant in Stockholm, where he is happily married to Maria, a Swedish actress. However, when his father suddenly commits suicide, Christoffer's mother insists that he returns home to run the family business. Reluctant to leave behind all that really matters to him, Christoffer is forced to take drastic steps as he attempts to save the company from bankruptcy, while in turn his neglected personal life starts on a perilous downward spiral. In Danish, Swedish, French and Norwegian with English subtitles. [Per Fly, 2003] [S]

Christoffer ...... Ulrich Thomsen
Maria ...... Lisa Werlinder
Annelise ...... Ghita Norby
Benedikte ...... Karina Skands
Ulrik ...... Lars Brygmann
Nils ...... Peter Steen
Annika ...... Diana Axelsen
Holgar Andersen ...... Jesper Christensen



Here is the Genre information as provided by BBC:

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