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Program Details - Bill Oddie Goes Wild 2007-03-15 19:30:00

This program is on BBC Two

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The BBC Synopsis of this program:

Isles of Scilly

The first of a new series in which Bill Oddie goes in search of the very best of Britain's wildlife. Bill's journey begins in one of his favourite places, the beautiful Isles of Scilly where the climate feels more like the Mediterranean than Britain. Bill discovers tropical flowers thriving in the wild, takes to the water to swim with seals, and finds a bizarre creature that glows in the dark.

The islands are famed for exotic birds which turn up here lost, blown in on strong Atlantic winds. Scilly is often the first land fall they find, and Bill is not disappointed! He also gets to grips with stick insects which live in the wild and has a close encounter with a very special shrew.



Here is the Genre information as provided by BBC:

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