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Program Details - Across the Andes: Beyond Boundaries 2008-05-13 02:40:00

This program is on BBC One

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The BBC Synopsis of this program:

1/4. Into the Foothills: Ten disabled teenagers attempt the journey of a lifetime. Starting in Ecuador, they try to travel 300 kilometres and reach the Pacific Ocean. Some strong language. 1/4. Into the Foothills.

Ten teenagers attempt the journey of a lifetime. Starting in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador, they try to cross the 300 kilometres separating them from the Pacific Ocean, climbing the mighty Andes Mountains in the process. All of them are physically disabled, but they are determined to overcome the hurdles they face, to prove something to themselves and the world, and to go Beyond Boundaries.

With the exception of Expedition Leader Ken Hames, none of the group have been to Ecuador before, and as they fly to their rainforest start-point their first sight of the Andes is when the enormity of the expedition sinks in. Whether dealing with snakes and spiders, struggling to get the wheelchairs through the rainforest, or just pitching camp and cooking dinner, the challenges come thick and fast.

As they struggle through the foothills, these young disabled people must develop trust with each other, find ways to overcome their disabilities and discover the inner strength needed to ascend through some of the most grueling conditions known to man. Contains some strong language. [S,SL]



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